Leather Furniture to Add a Stately Touch to Contemporary Living

Leather Furniture to Add a Stately Touch to Contemporary Living

With contemporary styles, less is more!

It is one of today’s most popular design choices with its clean lines and affinity for open space, as well as light. Pieces feature softened and rounded lines as opposed to the stark lines seen in modern design, and interiors contain neutral elements and bold color.

In general, contemporary style means strong lines and smooth forms with minimal accessories. In other words, less is more.

Open and airy, the lack of clutter and crowding means each piece must have its designated place. Contemporary colors such as cream, white, beige, tan, and black reflect sophistication. Shades of these colors with a bit of colourful undertones are acceptable, for example, white with a touch of green or gold adds interest.

Minimalism is an additional feature of the contemporary design. Large open spaces are made to look even larger with the minimalist approach. Large-scale contemporary leather furniture will beautifully suit a large contemporary room.

If you opt for too little furnishings in a large open room, it will create an unfinished, forlorn and empty atmosphere. This is where large-scale furnishings will fit right in, especially when groupings are provided to take advantage of the ample room space and amenities.

If your home has a view, the furniture arrangement can take advantage of the same and provide additional conversation areas for exceptionally large open spaces. A nice leather furniture grouping in your living room or at the study, is an extremely pleasing arrangement, as is a grouping looking out upon a view. Together they provide ample seating for guests, and a relaxed, pleasing setting to be cherished.

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How well leather furniture work with other features?

Contemporary leather furniture in a contemporary room provides the very sophistication that the style embodies.

The bare concrete, tile or wood floors – typical examples of the contemporary style are the perfect accompaniment to leather furniture. Contemporary allows for rule bending, one of the factors that make it so popular. You certainly wouldn’t want to use a rug right out of your grandmother’s house, but you can use contemporary style rugs and even neutral carpets.

Contemporary leather furniture works well with chrome and steel legs if you like having the appearance of metal, keeping in theme with the well-lit space of the contemporary style. The added metallic accent assists in bouncing light for more shine in your space as well and can allow for a more adventurous aspect to be added to your contemporary decor. It is an especially effective element when used with a black leather couch, and adds extra sophistication to a creamy white leather couch as well.

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Metal raises the element of modern sophistication up another notch.

For a large space with high, lofty ceilings, using contemporary chandeliers, or cosmopolitan pendant lights will give it the appearance of less height. This will draw the eye down and goes extremely well with contemporary leather furniture.

Tips for furniture arrangements

When arranging furniture, make sure to leave some space between the pieces to provide a more open feel. This is crucially important in smaller rooms to promote a contemporary atmosphere.

The texture is another feature of the style with jute, bamboo and linen textiles. Keep in mind, lighting is important in contemporary style modern designs. If and when natural light is available, it will fit perfectly with the contemporary theme.

Accessories can be used to add a pop of color, but keep in mind the minimalism of contemporary design allows for few accessories. A transparent or white vase with a few bright flowers, or light to medium greenery. Windows, rugs and pillows can be textured, but neutral is preferable. The contemporary style never really use excessively carved wood, lace, ruffles or flowery prints.

To add a touch of color, you can use a few colored pillows on the sofa settee if need be, along with neutral pillows. You can also choose a contemporary vase display in solid colors or bright colored glass. Think about the desired mood in mind when selecting these accessories. Be cautious and try not to add too much color to your contemporary space.

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Why choose Zara Sofas?

Zara sofas provide numerous styles in contemporary leather furniture. With more than 100 choices in colors and finishes, you are sure to find the leather that suits your style. Contemporary doesn’t have to be all about lines and angles, and we have contemporary designs that allow for the curve, and sweeping frames to add flair and remain in the context of contemporary style.

Custom made and elegantly handcrafted, you are assured of the best quality construction, the highest grades of leathers and options to fit all styles.

We will also provide the assistance you need in choosing your contemporary leather furniture to ensure you receive the fine quality, custom leather furniture you desire to elevate your life. Drop by any of our showrooms in Kerala. Give our knowledgeable customer service agents a call if you require assistance with making a decision or have questions.

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Style your living room with comfy sofas of your dream

Searching for that perfect sofa design for your home?

While making a visit to your friend’s place what will you notice first? Are you crazy about a stylish seating arranged in the living room?

Design your ideal sofa with Zara interiors customization services for the best experience of a lifetime.

Let us know your ideas regarding the width of the armrest, heights of different legs, back height, number of cushions and your other suggestions.

Your sofa will be one of the major investments in your new home, and also the most useful and most enduring piece of furniture you purchase for your home. A supreme quality sofa can last for a very long span of time, so it is really vital to get it right with no pressure on choosing the perfect one.

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Buying a poorly attributed sofa could make that it will lose its features like shape, attire, and comfort in fairly a quick time, sometimes in a couple of months. Every expense we make on our new home should have some worth with the assets we bought. Both financially and emotionally.

A living room is a place where we spent a great deal of time with our family members. So it should be designed in a way that assures comfort and happiness.

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Here is our guide to assure you to buy the perfect sofa within your budget that you will love forever.
  • The perfect size
    It is essential to get customized in the right size. Usually, one of the major mistakes we make is opting a sofa that doesn’t suit our room, since they are too large or too small to fit.

It can be really hard to get an idea of how the sofa will look like in your drawing room while you search in a showroom. So make sure that you know the measurements you need that fits in your room.

  • Comfy and featured
    You may spare a lot of time sitting on your sofa, so you have to ensure that it is of the best quality and comfortable. Best quality sofas should feel solid and heavy in a feather touch way.

What’s inside the cushions of your sofa has a big impact on physical comfort and price of the same. Most cushions have a standard quality foam. How denser the foam determines how heavier it is and how long it will last. In lesser quality sofas, the foam will starts breaking down pretty quickly, causing sags and the fabric does not stay for a longer period.

    • High-quality fabric
      Fabric can create or destroy a sofa. It has to be up to the essential quality and should look fabulous. It is important that the sofa you wish to buy has durable fabric that will withstand any condition. It should be more durable, colour fast and cleanable. Heavier and tightly woven fabrics can better stand with wear and tear, as like the leather fabric.
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    • A style that suits your other pieces of furniture
      The sofa you have chosen should complement your decor. They are in different varieties varying from traditional Kerala style to modern sofa set. Your sofa should give an illusion of a larger space.
    • Custom made design only for you
      It is possible to do customization with your design. Do not compromise on anything, make your own design and it can give you some practical benefits over ready-made sofas. It includes a level of attention, love, and care to detail, that makes it more matched with your needs.
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When you are decorating your living room, one of the simplest ways to make a small living room seems like more spacious is to add soft shades into your design scheme to maintain the room warm and appealing with an ideal sofa.

Why Zara?

Zara interiors being the premier factory outlet for the luxury sofa can satisfy your creative ideas in decorating your house with an awesome comfy sofa. We provide customized sofa, curtains and window blinds. We are one among the luxury sofa manufacturing company in Thrissur. Call us today itself to make an appointment and take free in-home measure and quote. Our services are available at Thrissur, Malappuram, Palakkad, Ernakulam, and Kozhikode. Our professional executives will reach your home and make you choose favourable material from a variety of samples and can make an estimate within your affordable budget.Forget about the old fashioned ready made sofas and get one with a unique style from Zara interiors.

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